Inspire Me Korea MOTIVATION Box [Sold Out]


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Have you ever felt lazy and unproductive? So have we! We all have our lazy days - just like popular Korean character Mr Donothing. So we curated this MOTIVATION box along with Mr Donothing to help you get through your lazy days and onto more productive days!

This is a special collaboration box with Mr Donothing, a Korean character stationery brand.

The MOTIVATION box contains:

- 1 x Mr Donothing Notebook
- 1 x Mr Donothing To Do List Book
- 1 x Mr Donothing Sticker Sheet
- 1 x Mr Donothing Postcard
- 1 x Inspire Me Korea magazine MOTIVATION issue
You could get a mixture of the following snacks:
- Sweet Potato Snack OR Barley Crackers
- Kancho Strawberry Yoghurt Chocolate Biscuits
- Sour Candy, Choco Black Sesame and Choco Peanut Rice Cake Pie

Products may vary, subject to availability.

Find out all about the items included in the MOTIVATION box and full list of ingredients on our blog here

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