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Get both the Inspire Me Korea's Secret Travel Guide to SEOUL AND The Secret Travel Guide to SOUTH KOREA (Edition 2, 2020) in a bundle and save 17%!


The Secret Travel Guide to SEOUL
RRP £8.99
Our team have been burning the midnight oil to uncover a side of Seoul reserved exclusively for locals and the truly well-informed. This definitive guide is your ultimate companion and your key to the city.
Arm yourself with over 190 pages of curated tips, recommendations and guides and discover the true hidden depths of Seoul!
190 pages

The Secret Travel Guide to SOUTH KOREA Edition 2, 2020
RRP £8.99
We wanted to show you the FULL experience of Korea, not just the beaten paths and typical tourist destinations! From hidden gems within bustling cities to stunning sights in little known towns, this handy sized pocket travel guide will show you all the things that make Korea a unique and magical place, including fun facts about locations, Korean food guides, quizzes and even a language section where you can learn some handy Korean phrases that’ll help you out while travelling!
Covers: Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Gwangju and Jeju.
140 pages

Get both books for the bargain price of £14.99! PRE-ORDER NOW! Shipping out on 1st February.

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