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Uncovering the Reality of Isolated Youth in Seoul: Understanding the Challenges and Need for Support

A recent report by the Seoul Metropolitan Government has found that 4.5% of the youth population in Seoul have been cut off from society, citing difficulties in finding jobs and personal relationships as the main culprit.

The report surveyed 5,513 people aged between 19 and 39 living in the city, and found that 4.5% of them could be defined as “isolated” or “reclusive”. Based on this number, officials said as many as 129,000 young people across the metropolis and 610,000 across the country could be in isolation. Difficulty in finding jobs or loss of job” at 45.5% was the biggest cause for isolation, followed by “psychological and mental difficulty” (40.9%) and “difficulty in communication and having relationships with other people” (40.3%).

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