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Top 8 Must-Do Activities in the Autumn Season in South Korea

South Korea is a beautiful country that offers a variety of activities to enjoy in every season. The fall season in South Korea is especially picturesque, with its stunning autumn foliage and mild weather. If you're planning a trip to South Korea this fall, here are the top 8 activities that you must try:

  1. Visit the Namsan Tower – Namsan Tower is a must-visit destination in Seoul, especially during the fall season. The panoramic view of the city covered in autumn leaves is breathtaking.

  2. Go Hiking – South Korea has a lot of beautiful mountain trails, and the fall season is the perfect time to go hiking. The weather is mild and the views are spectacular.

  3. Explore the Folk Village – The Korean Folk Village in Yongin is a great place to learn about traditional Korean culture. It’s especially beautiful during the fall season when the leaves turn golden and red.

  4. Take a stroll at the Yeouido Park – Yeouido Park is a large park in the heart of Seoul, and it’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy the autumn scenery.

  5. Visit the Gyeongju – Gyeongju is an ancient city in South Korea with a rich history. The fall season is a great time to visit and explore the historical sites and temples.

  6. Try Korean Street Food – Korean street food is a must-try, especially during the fall season. There are a lot of street food stalls that sell traditional Korean food, like hotteok, tteokbokki, and odeng.

  7. Visit the Pusan National University Botanical Garden – The Pusan National University Botanical Garden is a beautiful place to visit during the fall season. The garden is filled with autumn leaves, and it’s a great place to relax and enjoy nature.

  8. Take a bath in a hot spring – South Korea is famous for its hot springs, and the fall season is the perfect time to take a relaxing bath in one of the many hot springs in the country.

In conclusion, South Korea is a must-visit destination during the fall season. From hiking and exploring historical sites to trying street food and taking a relaxing bath in a hot spring, there are plenty of activities to enjoy during this time of the year.

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